Cosmetic acupuncture

makes you and your skin

Cosmetic acupuncture

beats drug for melasma treatment

Cosmetic acupuncture

can dry out acne on the next day with no chemical

Get a timeless glowing

Reduce wrinkles

Improve skin texture and colour.

Lift sagging skin and eyes area

#Aculifting #naturalbotox

No downtime
No side effect
No avoiding sunlight


Haru Wellness Clinic

Haru Wellness hopes to inspire every woman to look beautiful and feel confident about herself.
For us, everyone can have a healthy skin. With our beauty technique, we aim to introduce the art of natural remedy where inner body can be boosted to reproduce natural collagen from the inside. Not only an outcome of perfect skin that meets the eyes, women will feel their confidence and be the best version that makes them shine even brighter in the way they truly are.


Haru Signature

Truly improve your skin from inside out

cosmetic acupuncture that relaxes your body and mind and restores the balances for your sustainable beauty.


Haru Acne Solution

Acne problem can be fixed by acupuncture with Haru

focusing on facial acne treatment using acupuncture. The acne problem would be analyzed prudently by our cosmetic acupuncturists case by case.


Haru Office Syndrome

Treat aches and pains by acupuncture

If you are an office work and have aches and pains caused by sitting in the same position for long time then Haru Office Syndrome would be the treatment for you.


Haru Bride

Make you the most beautiful on your most important day

The pre-wedding treatment, which would not only cover the skin care, but also care for your body shape.


Gua Sha

Lessen facial swelling and get rid of toxins in your body

The Gua Sha is made from jade, which is known to eradicate toxin, boosting effectiveness of the facial massage.

Our Promise

“Aged Gracefully and Bring Out the Best Version of You”

“Our promise is to bring out the best version of you where you can look beautiful, feel confident, age gracefully and naturally just the way you are.”