Our Story

Our Story

Haru's Origin

In search of all beauty solutions settled around the world, Haru Wellness has an eternal eye for refined techniques that could bring a natural charm to women. No matter what type of skin problems you have experienced; sagging skin, dullness, skin fatigue, wrinkles and lines, in consequence of cumulative stress, environment, lifestyle or aging, we aim to hand in every woman the finest natural treatment that requires no chemical element, whilst causing no side effect or pain. Our ultimate belief is also to provide a safe and sustainable beauty which helps women to age gracefully in the long run.

Through the past four years of our journey, we have eventually discovered the art of skin remedy that has influenced Japanese beauty regime for over 3,000 years, recognized as Japanese Cosmetic Acupuncture. This technique has gained popularity across the country, especially for its notable result among Japanese women. They believe that the acupuncture could deliver a delicate solution for skin troubles, skin tightening and facial sculpting using all natural procedure:  placing tiny needles onto the skin to improve body functioning and stimulate skin healing process where collagen can be reproduced. Once the body restores its balance from the inside, your skin will start to shine through on the outside with significant sighs of healthier skin.

This Japanese legacy has become an absolute inspiration for Haru Wellness. And we hope to redefine the meaning of natural beauty to help bringing out the best version of you. With Japanese Cosmetic Acupuncture and our selection of services, there you can feel an improvement, starting from your body, your skin and your soul, that will give you a confidence in the way you truly are.

"The more we treasure a self-love, the more we hope to share it to women out there, for them to feel what we feel."

– Haru Wellness Team –

What is Beautypuncture™ ?

Beautypuncture combines two words: Beauty and Acupuncture which defines the concept of beauty that Haru Wellness has always believed in.

Known for its remarkable result, acupuncture has played a crucial part in traditional body treatment across Eastern Asia for thousands of years including Thailand. Japanese Acupuncture, our Beautypuncture, however, can be seen as a new technique for Thais. Haru Wellness has decided to adopt such delicacy to provide natural solutions that could solve women’s skin problem and make their beauty shine through.

The key that has made Beautypuncture the most kind-to-skin remedy is that it helps to boost your body functioning so it could rehabilitate itself: stimulate the blood flow to improve your body’s circulation in a natural way. This requires no chemical usage or artificial element that could harm your body in the long run. Besides, as to Japanese value, they treasure the art of relaxation and self-balancing at the same time. This has led to our concept of Haru Wellness where traditional Japanese acupuncture meets a sensation of spa, beneath a high standard of safety, quality and operation that we truly care.

Regarding its aforementioned benefits and procedure, Beautypuncture, therefore, has grown along Japanese beauty regime at all times. This technique has also entitled a Natural Botox which can be a perfect match for those women who aim to age gracefully without going through a long period of recovery. It further brings a sustainable and harmless result to women’s skin where it looks glow, tightened, rehabilitated, freshened while their body feels the difference from the inside.

Our Team

Seo Nobuko

Haru acupuncturist master trainer and consultant

Nobuko Seo became a firefighter after graduating the university, and left her job after having her second child. She become aware of the attraction of “acupuncture for children”(a traditional Japanese  non-needle technique developed for treating infants and children.), which cured her son’s asthma, and she enrolled herself in ToyoShinkyu College of Oriental Medicine (Oriental acupuncture school) where She learned about cosmetic acupuncture.
Cosmetic acupuncture has not only superficial effects like face sculpting, making your skin smoother and more resilient and making your eyes look bigger, but also adjust your mental conditions, like clearing up your mind and making you think positively, removing frustration.

After finishing the course, she studied under Tomoko Okuzumi, who is a full time instructor of  Toyo Acupuncture College of Oriental Medicine. Professor Okuzumi had experience with cosmetic acupuncture for more than 10 years. Also, she had a lot of clients who were professional models and actress. Meanwhile She treated more than 500 people at a clinic in Marunouchi and so on. She received the support of the clients like celebrities, female office workers, business men and lawyers in Marunouchi.

5 years ago, She started to learn about Reiki Heeling, a type of Qigong, after being introduced to this by her teacher. Now it has become one of the essential methods of her treatment, and she still improves her knowledge about Reiki Heeling.

TCM. Doctor Lanlana Srinudech

Haru Acupuncturist

– Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
– Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University
– Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
-Shuguang Hospital
-Kunshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
_Huachiew Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
-Thian Rah Foundation Hospital
Chonburi Hospital