Haru Signature

Truly improve your skin from inside out

Haru Signature, is cosmetic acupuncture that relaxes your body and mind and restores the balances for your sustainable beauty. Our acupuncturists will enquire with regards to skin problems so that they can meet your expectations and give you the exact treatment you need. We use highly gentle acupuncture needles from Japan to stimulate the body to rebuild collagen, allowing the skin to glow again, make any blemish on your face fade away, lift up the skin, and postpone the aging wrinkles.


Haru Acne Solution

Acne problem can be fixed by acupuncture with Haru

Haru Acne Solution focuses on facial acne treatment using acupuncture. The acne problem would be analyzed prudently by our cosmetic acupuncturists case by case. Acupuncture is a long-term natural remedy that would cure the root cause of the acne, reduce the need for chemical medicine, and treat acne from the inside out.


Haru Office Syndrome

Treat aches and pains by acupuncture

If you are an office work and have aches and pains caused by sitting in the same position for long time then Haru Office Syndrome would be the treatment for you. Haru Office Syndrome combined acupuncture with cupping without bruising. You will feel less pain and aches from the first time of treatment. This treatment can also give relief from headaches and numbness.


Haru Bride

Make you the most beautiful on your most important day

Haru Bride is the pre-wedding treatment, which would not only cover the skin care, but also care for your body shape. The acupuncture would stimulate the release of endorphin, which is hormone of happiness and will relieves stress, one of the most important factors of skin and health problems. The treatment would help lift facial skin and make you glow from inside out. We would take care of you 1-2 months before the wedding day and you can set schedule with us for special treatment. Haru is ready to make you the best version of a bride that you can be naturally.


Gua Sha

Lessen facial swelling and get rid of toxins in your body

The Gua Sha is made from jade, which is known to eradicate toxin, boosting effectiveness of the facial massage.

Neck and facial massage with Gua Sha jade would make your feel relaxed, boosting the blood flow and making skin cell to be more flexible and smoother. Also, it would help eradicate any toxin which have accumulated in your body, lessening facial swelling, lifting facial skin and neck. The Gua Sha is made from jade, which helped eradicating waste, boosting effectiveness of the facial massage.

We recommend Gau Sha along with other acupuncture program with Haru to support the effective of skin treatment.

Our Promise

“Aged Gracefully and Bring Out the Best Version of You”

“Our promise is to bring out the best version of you where you can look beautiful, feel confident, age gracefully and naturally just the way you are.”